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We are proud to be in partnership with SBD. For the best lifting gear look no further.

We hold regular stocks of:

  • Dynamic Knee Sleeves (5mm), ideal for functional fitness and weightlifting

  • Elbow Sleeves

  • Wrist Wraps

*All other items are available on request. Please call ahead.

About SBD


While we work with some of the world’s top coaches, sports medicine experts and leaders in manufacturing and engineering, we will always listen to our athletes above all others.

Only the elite men and women who rely on our products to perform can really understand whether our products are good enough. We are proud that so many of them agree that SBD is a brand they can trust.


The expectations of our athletes have shaped products that have become the benchmark across powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting, and a wealth of other strength sports. We know that our customers want to see the same level of quality in the equipment they use to pursue strength themselves.

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